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Find Suitable Water Features and Pond Ornaments for your Garden

Bradshaws Self Contained Water Features. This features will provide a stunning contemporary centrepiece in any garden. It incorporates a poly-resin reservoir which stores the water that is pumped through feature.

Intalogs... Self Contained Garden Water Features. These unique wooden Intalogs small ponds have a slot together design for easy assembly and disassembly for relocation. No digging is required situate above ground, ideal for conservatories, patios, decked areas or smaller gardens.

Oasis Traditional Waterfall available in Cascade, curved and stream. Cascade Oasis Traditional waterfalls have been made using the latest technology allowing for complex mouldings and finishes creating this stunning waterfall range.

Portland Pond Ornaments, Studio Sleeper and Studio Monolith. These monoliths are stunningly detailed exact replicas of real stone pieces found in nature. Each piece to be replicated was hand picked for suitability and aesthetic properties.

Oasis Similar Cobblefalls cascade, single and double waterfalls. Ultra realistic polyurethane waterfalls, bring a natural addition to your pond. Light, easy to handle and incredibly simple to install they will give a lifetime of pleasure whilst bringing calm and relaxation to your garden.

Pond Kits. These pond and filtration kits have been put together by Bradshaws to give you everything you need to create your water garden.

Self Contained Water Features The Little River Slate Fountain is a rock effect modular water feature from Elegant Brands

A Range of Self Contained Water Features with Own Pump and Reservoir. Not exactly a deterrent, these ducks are among our most popular items! From Heissner features


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This table will help you with converting units from one type to another (for example 1 Imperial Gallon/min = 0.16 Cu. Feet/min, 4.55 Litres/min or 0.005 Cu. Metres/min) ...

Unit Imp Galls/min Cu Feet/min Litres/min Cu. M/min
Imp. Gallons 1 0.16 4.55 0.005
Cu. Feet 6.23 1 28.32 0.028
Litres 0.22 0.04 1 0.001
Cu. Metres 220 35.32 1,000 1

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